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10 freakiest dating red flags washington post

Hundreds of people, including dozens who have been exiled from the West Wing for a sorely needed renovation, turned up to meet the new boss. John Kelly simply stepped to the microphone and said, “Hi. I’m from Boston.” As the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and other senior aides watched from the wings, the retired four-star Marine general then rallied the embattled troops and laid down new rules of engagement.

When Superman comes rushing from the distance to rescue a bunch of Russian cosmonauts whose space station has spun out of control, it isn't a pretty sight - the blue screen effects are clearly rushed, with Superman wobbling through Earth's orbit like a badly snipped-out photograph.

If you found yourself logging on in the first month of the New Year, prepare to meet one (or two, or 10) of these types of guys.

His bio boasts his Greek letters, which you can’t identify and, frankly, don’t care about.

” One of the most unsettling things about using an app like Bumble is the fact that, for the most part, the people you’re interacting with are complete strangers. He wants to have intellectual conversations about mutual interests! The man-child lurks behind every corner, waiting for his mom to wash his dishes and iron his socks.