Start And parminder nagra dating

And parminder nagra dating

Besides being an amazing actor, West is a really fun, loving and outgoing person.

in 2010 to focus on her music career, featuring on Skepta's track 'Cross My Heart'.

She has released three solo singles to date, and is currently working on an album.

But they may not understand the things you have to go through, so you're kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

In the end, if the person is sweet and they care about you and you care about them, you let everything else go.” West also disclosed that he feels more comfortable dating an actress because she understands the profession and how things work in the movie industry.

, with a modest estimated budget of £3.7 million, opened that same year and became a critical and commercial success - breaking box office records and scoring BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, as well as making household names of many of its stars.

As the cast continues preparing for the West End stage adaptation of Gurinder Chadha's screen hit ahead of previews on May 15, find out what the movie's ensemble cast went on to achieve - including who is coming back for the musical...

TMZ has learned she won't have to give up a dime of her "E.

Now they've hammered out a settlement, and it's clear from the docs ... Here's what Parminder gets: ALL her income, residuals and royalties from her acting gigs including "E.

Nagra was dating Irish actor Kieran Creggan whom she moved to Kennington, South London with before she got married. I'm not going to leave it too long, but not just yet. And it's so much hassle trying to plan a wedding [laughs].

The pair first met on the set of Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards and dated for five years. I just want it to be perfect." (2007- (IMDB-2009) Nagra and Stenson were together for seven years before they tied the knot on 17th January 2009.

Her ER co-stars Scott Grimes and John Stamos performed on the big day and her former ER co-star Maura Tierney officiated the ceremony.