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Angeles city dating site

Sometimes I’ll go into one of the smaller Angeles gogo bars with about 5 girls – e.g.

The walking street gogos have a bit higher quality girls on average (and higher barfines).

A number of foreigners boast the beauty of the Philippines, of course including its beautiful Filipino women, hospitable people, delicious food, and white beaches after visiting the country.

Santos Street, Fields Avenue, Perimeter Road, Real Street and the surrounding areas including exclusive night life photos from inside the bars, bargirls, streets shots and popular Angeles City tourist locations.

Exclusive videos are added constantly to our growing You Tube Channel and Philippines Photos and Videos Gallery Section Philippines Addicts extensively covers Fields Avenue in Angeles City with real time posts from expats and tourists visiting on the ground.

The average quality is low in Angeles City compared to Bangkok or Pattaya but since there are 1000 bargirls you can usually find something.

It beats Thailand on price and English speaking ability.

Best bet is to quickly pop your head in each bar as you go up and down Fields Avenue as the bars are all so close together.

There’s no cover charge in gogos and they don’t mind you doing a quick in out.

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It’s hard to rank Angeles City gogo bars in terms of girls.

These ladies will surely keep you coming back in the Philippines.