Start Backup exec job status says updating

Backup exec job status says updating

Less than a year ago I could purchase a brand new copy of Backup Exec 2012 for Windows Servers for $381.00, which was all I wanted.

Once you click on you will start things up and be at a menu like below. In my case here drive G is where I am going to put a repository for backups. That will let us configure a recipient – like panic below.

In my case, the license I applied was a relatively inexpensive one that really has nothing extra so we don’t see much above. So like the suggestion from the install program, I do in fact check Windows Update.

The Shadow Snap solution has two components: Shadow Snap and Shadow Protect.

Datto's web interface requires both of these components.

There is no Shadow Snap interface on the locally protected machine; however the Shadow Protect program is available from the Start menu of a protected system with the full Shadow Snap package installed.

After installation, both components are listed in the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

With intuitive wizards, insightful dashboards and fast backup and recovery, Backup Exec enables you to improve your backup performance, meet recovery objectives, reduce management costs, secure confidential data and eliminate traditional backup complexity. In addition to the new features/functionality in Backup Exec 15, Veritas added support for the following platforms: Veritas’ capacity based offerings provide you with an easier way to manage Backup Exec.