Start Barbara bush dating panamanian

Barbara bush dating panamanian

Their mother, Laura, was always a pro-choice liberal, who mocked her own hubby after 9/11, when he said he wanted Osama Bin Laden “dead or alive.” I guess, in the world according to Laura Bush, we shouldn’t have gone after Bin Laden at all and left that “poor man” alone to live the life of a worry-free mass murderer with several wives in the world’s ugliest mansion in Pakistan. In the August 26 print edition issue of People, Barbara Bush tells us all how great she is for living the life of the noblesse oblige in New York City’s Greenwich Village, while she has a four-year relationship with a painter and “creative consultant” (a more BS term for a “job” there isn’t) from Panama and treks around Africa with her intellectual friends helping to solve the Third World’s problems, giving up a planned career in fashion after she saw a young Ugandan girl dying of AIDS. People also tells us how Barbara decorates her apartment with “flea market finds.” Wow, she’s a real man, er . She needs to pierce a few orifices, sleep with a few Muslims, and declare herself a “differently digestive” vegan carnivore, who has dedicated her life to the preservation of the human rights of silk worms.

, for which Jenna wrote the text and Mia took the photos.

As the two chat—often finishing each other's sentences—the depth of their 10-year friendship becomes obvious, as does a Jenna the public rarely sees.

Despite her exaggerated party-girl image (remember the endless TV jokes when, at age 19, she was busted for trying to buy alcohol with a false ID?

), the truth is Jenna has always had a serious side.

ABC al-Qaeda America attorney Barack Obama Bush California Congress David Lunde Debbie Schlussel Detroit Detroit Free Press Federal Bureau of Investigation Hamas Hezbollah Hizballah ICE Immigration Iraq Islam Islamic Terrorism Israel Jews Jihad Julie L. Is yelling indignantly, “What difference does it make! Let’s hear it for “Bush Blue Collar Bonhomie” (which is all bunk).

Myers leader Lebanon Michigan Middle East movie movie review Movie Reviews Muslim Muslims New York President Princess Saudi Arabia terrorist United States USA Today USD video Wall Street Journal White House I never liked the Bush daughters, twin princesses of privilege living it up and getting drunk while their faux-conservative Daddy was Prez, and both of ’em apparently voted for Barack Obama. ” about the murders of American diplomats and Navy SEALs under her watch in Benghazi an “accomplishment”? Frankly, I don’t think that the junior Bush-ette has gone far enough in her life of leftism.

After chatting with the 31-year-old British royal about having a family of his own one day, he noted that he is single at the moment.