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However, because Centrica has struck its agreement with Gazprom’s UK subsidiary, which can source supplies from outside Russia if need be, it is expected to be less vulnerable to problems relating to Russia.

Whether the system consists of two gas pipelines - TANAP and TAP - or one single pipeline as earlier projects had foreseen - does not make any difference in terms of energy security.

We now have a new partner for gas, and I am confident that we will receive more gas in the future." Since the gas crisis in 2009, the European Union has looked to diversify its gas supply.

“Without Russian volumes, Europe’s supply and demand balance would change significantly, impacting the ability of the UK to import materially from continental Europe, or impacting the cost of doing so.” Centrica, which supplies gas to nine million UK households, also announced a separate, bigger, 10-year agreement with Norway’s Statoil, under which the amount of gas it buys from the company will rise by 2.3bcm a year to 7.3bcm, or 73bcm over the decade.

It comes against a backdrop of rising tensions between Russia and Europe which has left much of the Continent vulnerable to political moves by Russia or international sanctions against the country.

The term of the appointment to the CAC will be from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Any corporation that participates in the “Partners for the Future” is entitled to designate one representative and one alternate of the corporation to participate in the activities of CAC and to serve on the Executive Committee.

With the new pipeline TANAP being built in Turkey, a new gas infrastructure will directly link the Caspian Sea to Europe.