Start Benefits of consolidating retirement accounts

Benefits of consolidating retirement accounts

Contact your previous plan provider for more information.

Roth contributions may only be rolled over from another qualified Plan. Additionally, you may be able to rollover the following eligible retirement plans to your Savings Plus account after you separate.

Please note, your Savings Plus 457(b) or 401(k) account must be established 60 days prior to separation from service.

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So there's virtually no reason ever to shift money from a Roth into a traditional retirement account.

Yet you might want to consider switching money from a traditional IRA or 401(k) into a Roth -- but only under certain conditions.

Chances are, you'll change jobs about 12 times during your career. And that means the odds are good that you'll end up owning several retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts and IRAs.

One key downside is that having different pots of money sitting in a variety of accounts can make it harder to do retirement planning and to update your plans.

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It can also be a hassle to access your accounts and tweak your portfolios, especially with accounts sitting in workplaces where you hardly know anyone any more -- or where you may not enjoy speaking with people. Bryan Slovon, founder and CEO of Stuart Financial Group, in Annapolis and Greenbelt, Md., offers these dos and don'ts for various types of retirement accounts: "One more important reason for older clients" -- anyone older than age 70-1/2 -- "who are still working to consolidate 401(k) accounts is that you can avoid having to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) for that year," Slovon said. For one, they deplete an account (although you can always reinvest the money).