Start Black men hate black women dating white men

Black men hate black women dating white men

His reply, “With a Black woman being the mother of our entire culture, and the vessel that carries the seed which time and time again, delivers to us another Ebony Prince or Princess, seeing more ‘thinning done within the crop,’ is like watching the last of our race die out and be replaced by the introduction of a gumbo-esque flock of unknowns.” Quite the mouthful, but almost exactly how I remember it when I first heard that nonsense back when I was 13.

Although it’s become a norm, spotting a Black woman with anyone either than a Black mate, is still a rarer find than other blended relationships.

When a brother makes an interracial play, it rarely raises a side eye or provokes more than just a few words of conversation.

If a Black woman does it…finds herself a Prince Charming outside of the ebony complexion, for some, that union presents a reason to be upset and for folks to express the why’s and the why not’s about her dating preferences.

But the reason it appears that far too many Black men are “jealous” (in those brothers’ words) of non-Black women is due to the fact that it’s incredibly difficult for many Black men to propagate their preferences without slandering all Black women.