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You’ll be asked to provide any and all information you have regarding the subject of the investigation, as well as to answer several important questions, including: Following the initial meeting, your agent will create an investigative plan based on your answers to the interview questions, and designed to meet your stated goals.

You enable the app whenever you leave your phone unattended and when someone tries to go snooping on it, a picture is taken of them with the front camera.

If you walk in on your partner on their phone and see them immediately shake the device, watch out - they could be using Fox Private Message, which deletes all messages when the phone is shaken.

Sometimes, an affair ends a relationship, and other times couples are able to repair the relationship on their own or with the help of a therapist, often making the relationship stronger as a result.

Studies show that although adults in the United States (other than those in polyamorous or open relationships) generally expect sexual monogamy in their relationships, up to 20% will engage in extramarital sex at some point.

So instead of sharing a bunch of detailed stats that might be wrong, I’ll simply share the big picture elements.

Slightly more than half of all married people will cheat on their spouses at some point in their lives.

This may include an attempt to make personal contact with the subject at a bar, nightclub, restaurant, hotel, or other location that the subject is likely to frequent.

Your investigator will keep you informed of all developments in real-time.

Men apparently cheat more often than women, but the gap isn’t huge.

Whether specifically designed to help cheaters get away with their, ahem, extra-curricular activities or not, there's an unsettling array of apps out there being used by people wanting to fool their partners Back in the day, you might have been able to catch a cheating partner by snooping through their emails, texts or internet history.

We understand the effects that an affair by a spouse can have on a marriage, but we also know that simply wondering whether your partner is cheating can be just as destructive. There are a number of techniques that may be employed in a cheating spouse investigation.