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CFEngine is actually significantly older than Puppet or Chef, dating back to 1993.

It is 2012, you have been out of school for less than a year and already you have been offered your first job as Sous Chef! You proved yourself by showing up at day one ready to go, taking initiative, working …

Kish conquered, serving up a chicken liver mousse followed by citrus-cured scallop, bone marrow with celery root puree and red snapper with leeks. Kish: We had to cook 65 tasting plates and 5 for the judges. I just sent her a note saying, “I’m sorry about what people are saying about you.” I saw her at the finale and we exchanged a few words. Do you think it was an unfair call on behalf of the judges?

Q&A: ' Top Chef Seattle': 6 Questions With Sheldon Simeon Beyond being season 10's spoke with her the morning after her win.

Many of these guidelines and original recipes were developed by a French chef dating back to the 19th century named Antonin Carême.