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Chrystina sayers dating

Originally the group was to be a trio, but was conceived as a quartet through a final decision of creator Robin Antin on the show's season finale.

The TR-808 holds cultural cache–most recently due to its use by Outkast, Baauer, and Kanye West–that Roland is interested in exploiting for the Rhythm Performer.

The video features engineers closely examining the TR-808’s sound with an oscilloscope, trying to glean every last detail of the original’s personality. Upon its initial release, the TR-808 was widely dismissed.

She received high praises from the judges on several strong performances and won one challenge.

Chrystina has stated that she did not think she would make it into the group before Robin Antin made the surprising reveal that Girlicious would have 4 members.

The group was originally signed to Geffen Records and composed of members Nichole Cordova, Tiffanie Anderson, Chrystina Sayers and Natalie Mejia.

Their self-titled debut album was released in Canada in August 2008 and reached number two on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Chrystina Sayers (born Chrystina Lauren Sakamoto Sayers) is the newest member of the 4th lineup of the Pussycat Dolls. Chrystina was born on August 14, 1986 in San Diego, California.

She is of Jamaican, Native American, African American, and Irish descent.

The album peaked at number two on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Before Roland’s new TR-8 Rhythm Performer, a contemporary drum machine, was unveiled this year, the company released a series of promotional videos in which the machine’s designers sought out the original schematics and behavior of its predecessor the TR-808, an iconic analog drum machine from the early 1980s.

The 808 uses analog oscillators and white noise generators to make sounds resembling the components of a drum set (kick, snare, hi-hats, etc.) And, although these sounds are now commonplace, most contemporary artists use them precisely because they sound robotic, not because they sound like drums.