Start Comic book fan dating site

Comic book fan dating site

He’s a massive 20″ tall and comes in at over 20lbs. One of the best things about our friends at Weta Workshop is that they listen to fans to get an idea of the pieces we would like to see.

Valentine’s Day as a geek can typically be described in one of the following ways: 1) A second Christmas in which both people get a present that can only be found inside the pages of a Previews catalog or 2) A * for the umpteenth time.

Soul Geek aims to eliminate fanboy (or fangirl) loneliness by offering a dating site specifically tailored for geeks, according to founder Dino Andrade, who started the network after discovering how difficult it was to meet people in his own experiences.

We're 'Krackling' with excitement to present Part One of our two-part tribute to the King of Comics, in celebration of his centennial year.

Kirby Konnoisseur Chris Eberle walks us through Jack's early life, his marriage, his service in World War II, his storied creative partnerships with Joe Simon and Stan Lee, and the triumphs and trials of his career in comics from the early Golden Age to his exit from Marvel in 1970.

So says movie writer Max Farrow in this article we found at “As we all know, Peter Jackson’s lauded adaptation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy…

This amazing large beast is one of the best creature pieces by Weta Workshop.

Whether you love Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie trilogy, or love to hate it, it includes some iconic moments from J. The first is a piece we originally saw during Comic-Con 2016, the War Troll.

Last night we got two new jaw dropping pre-orders from our friends at Weta Workshop.

The team was composed of only a few children, namely Sonic and his friends, and led by the princess of the kingdom, Sally Acorn.

Beyond this and a few other background details, the story and tone diverged greatly between them.

25 times in the theater, it makes it impossible to connect with anyone,” Andrade said.