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Consolidating library itunes 10

Super Sync seamlessly and intuitively lets you compare, organize, merge, and manage i Tunes libraries across all of your Macs, PCs, and NAS devices. “Super Sync one-ups i Tunes by synching i Tunes libraries over the Internet.

what the consolidate library does is take files from different locations and put them in one master location.

then when you use i Tunes to import those files, the locations that SSL previously knew about break and you end up with files with red locations.

My i Tunes use to organized my mp3 by folders and now it stop doing that why?

My setting is still the same as before it use to be like this: |--| |* | Keep itunes organized |--| |--| | | Copy files to i Tunes music folder when adding to library |--| should I check the second one to?

You can easily consolidate libraries, remove duplicates, access your library from more computers, match more tracks, and upgrade the bitrates of matched tracks.

With Super Sync, back up your i Tunes libraries into accessable and portable music libraries that you can conveniently transport to another computer.

You can consolidate all the files in your library in the i Tunes folder so that, for example, it’s easier to move your library to a new computer.

Super Sync is a professional-quality i Tunes library management solution that’s perfect for DJs, audiophiles, music collectors, video mavens, and anyone for whom music and video are major parts of their digital life.

if you use i Tunes import in SSL, what i'd suggest doing is turning it off in SSL. if there are still files in SSL, make notes of where these files are are your drive and make sure i Tunes isn't also handling some of those files.

Question about i Tunes: How can I organize all my mp3 by artists & album?

You can read here on Apple's site what the button is for:

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