Start Craigslist style dating

Craigslist style dating

Kim Sandhu likes to jokingly tell people that she met her now-husband, Josh Cox, on Craigslist.

Before the Internet, people found roommates through friends or the classified section. Now a new generation of services like Roomi and Room Zoom are helping people shack up with perfect strangers. (One woman's quest to actually use Tinder to look for a roommate didn't turn out so well).

Say someone is looking for a dude who doesn't bring home random drunks at 2 a.m. Well, Roomi lets you search for that guy, and even message with him before meeting.

The housemates prided themselves on being part of a friendly community and hosted regular roommate outings, including trivia nights, weekend brunches and at-home concerts.

A group-house setting seemed like a great way to broaden her network of friends, and Kim enthusiastically applied.

The idea is to narrow down candidates before the awkward in-person interviews that often take place between lease-holders and those who need a place to stay.

Ajay Yadav knows a little something about terrible roommates. After a trip to visit family in Indiana, he returned to NYC to find his roommate gone, along with all of Yadav's stuff and safety deposit. That memory inspired him to start Roomi, which launched last week for i OS, and will eventually be released for Android.

There’s an unfortunate lack of a two-way rating system which helps discourage scamming and bad behavior.