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Creait camera face to face sexy

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Here’s how the app, called Echoism, works: It takes a picture of you, then splits the image into a left and a right section.

The images are then mirrored to create two separate, symmetrical identities, one showing what you’d look like if the left side of your face were dominant; the other showing right-side dominance.

As we age, we have a tendency to gain weight and some of it will inevitably end up on the face. Take a look at the photos above of an attractive woman with a large build.

Used to be, all you needed to test your own hotness was a mirror and a quick squeeze of the hiney.

But not everyone is as photogenic as the stars on the cover of Cosmo.

So we asked Davis Factor, celebrity fashion photographer (he's shot Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz) and co-founder and owner of Smashbox Cosmetics, to share his secrets for taking a hot shot. According to new research from Wake Forest University, the left side of your face is the sexiest. Researchers found that our left cheeks tend to show more emotion which people think looks more attractive.

Then science (and a lot of creative interpretation) went and got involved and now the only thing anyone cares about is a symmetrical mug. It was only a matter of time, then, before someone developed an app that generates images of a more even-faced — and presumably beautiful — you.

And you thought the world had run out of ways to make you hate yourself.

So not only do you get to admire how you’d appear with the impossible facial symmetry of Amber Valletta, you get proof — once and for all!

— that yes, the left side of your face is droopier than the right, and no you cannot photograph it. )Artist Julian Wolkenstein is keeping a weblog of all the photos folks upload using the app.

Aim for a grin that doesn't show as much gum or teeth as you would when you are laughing. One of the best ways to make your face look more radiant is to boost your smile with an instant teeth whitener.