Start Current updating stock prices

Current updating stock prices

Dan Loeb, founder and chief executive of hedge fund Third Point, has liquidated his stake in Snap Inc.

A new feature in Numbers allows you to use live stock prices and other information in your spreadsheets. The second one is going to be another value where you can ask for a certain thing like price name, amount change, open price. Let's delete those and let's put some stock names on the left here. Let's use the stock function and use this as the value right there, comma, and then I'll use one of these second parameter things like price. So you can kind of keep track of your stocks very easily here.

You can get the current price, volume, change and other data. A new ability in Numbers 4.1 is a function that gives you current stock prices. So let's do price, price like that, and it'll give us the price. Just add a new row here, just copy and paste this row there, and I can get Amazon's price really easily.

The cool thing is that if I copy this and paste it here it's of course going to pickup the Goggle stock name rather than Apple and I get that. Now you may have noticed that there's another stock related function.

It's called Stock H and if I look for the Help for that I can see it gives me the historic information for it.

Hi Rav, Once again the correct price for SCG was downloaded correctly.

It looks as though I now have a permanent fix to my problem.

Loeb also bought a 4.5 million share stake in Alibaba and boosted his Bank of America Corp.