Start Dating a man who drinks alot on weekends

Dating a man who drinks alot on weekends

If your date is put off by the fact you’re not drinking then alarm bells should ring.

Any time I imbibe, I have these sneaky little “goggles” that make every man attractive in my eyes. Boring men can start sounding like Jimmy Fallon with a few good stiff ones.

You don't want to leave the date thinking you liked the guy when you really had nothing in common.

I think a lot more before I respond to something someone says.

If I’m angry, it gives me time to calm down instead of just reacting like a shithead.

It was the closing night of the Lincoln Lodge, a fantastic comedy venue in Chicago in the back of a now-closed diner.

They’ve since moved, but after that show, I thought I should take a breather from drinking — and eating meat — and focus on productivity. As someone who’s been drinking since his senior year of high school (sorry mom, we weren’t just “hanging out” in the basement), most events in my life revolved around booze.

I'm sure you're wondering, “So I can't sip on a glass of sauv blanc with my roommates, while I blow-dry and straighten my hair? However, getting a good buzz on before the man rings the doorbell may not be your answer to curing the first-date jitters.