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Dating brass

We can only infer their motives and the events of their lives.

I suspect that The Key is an exception to this rule.

I suspect it looks almost exactly the way Brass imagined it. It consists entirely of the diary entries of a husband and wife, revealing their thoughts.

Another early type were Because so many have surfaced in recent years, the discussion regarding such brasses has obviously increased and some collectors have remarked how this unpleasant trend seems to be on the rise of late. That being said, I would encourage any member to constantly return to this page on our website, which, along with our newest books, and periodic articles in the journal, are the the only publications that contain updates and any useful tips on how to identify such items, which we continue to uphold as accurate as we can make it, as a consensus of the current thinking of a group of concerned and experienced collectors to which we cordially invite further input into our growing database of these, "unauthenticated" brasses, which even at the time of writing, are continuing to appear on ebay, and on other auction sites. S meetings) of a certain collector who was canvassing for plain brasses who mostly acquired them, by paying unusually high prices because, as he stated, "he had a friend who wanted to make up a full-set of harness with them" In recent months two seperate collectors, of long standing, informed Ian Jones and myself of this fact, and several years ago, one N. In early 2013 the editor received an email from a founder member in support of an article in the Journal (No.