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Los criminales desplegaron una prolija táctica de distracción para entorpecer la cobertura policial: tomaron numerosos cartuchos calibre .50 y los dejaron en los rodados que posteriormente incendiaron, lo que generó el efecto de tiroteos desde diferentes puntos.

Os Servos são almas lendárias que viveram em diferentes tempos e agora reencarnaram para lutar na Guerra do Santo Graal (Holy Grail War).

Eles possuem características sobre-humanas e utilizam poderosas armas lendárias e habilidades especiais chamadas Noble Phantasms ou "Hougu".

And how on earth did she ever agree to get two men to share - never mind the household chores? Shanea shares her life with two men simply because she had an affair, fell in love - and didn't want to give up either man.

That both men agreed to her suggestion that they should all live together, is something few will understand.

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Cronologicamente, o início de Fate/stay night ocorre em torno do fim da história de Tsukihime.

Fuyuki City é o cenário para uma guerra secreta e violenta entre magos e seus servos.

This one may not have required feeding or walking, but his presence was certainly keenly felt. The TV series Big Love returns this month, featuring one man - a Mormon - who marries three women and successfully runs three separate households.

Quite what the children made of the arrival of Noel is anyone's guess. But in John and Shanea's case there is no religious basis to their living arrangements; nor was there any history of, or even curiosity about, polygamy in the family.

In 2006, Famitsu's listings for the Top 20 selling love games included seven otome games.