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Dating fail comics

RH: I’d really rather meet downtown in a bar or something.

You know, the ones who are always going, “SINGLE AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT,” or like, drinking fun cocktails and stuff like that.

🙂 There’s a bar I like on College Street – or is there somewhere you’d prefer to grab a drink or a coffee? Person 1: …Wow, I think it’s pretty messed up that you’re just default assuming I’m a creepy rapist or something.

That would be a lot more comfortable for me for our first meeting.

And if something bad happens, you’re blamed for not properly calculating the risks! You shouldn’t have to carry the demand to be both available and super capable of preventing your own assault. With Love, The Editors at Everyday Feminism Person 1: So I’m looking forward to finally meeting you this weekend! Text: High Likelihood Mild Consequences = Person 3: Yup, that sure was a lot of pecking. Text: Here are the elements of the date you just proposed: -A man I don’t know well -Who now knows where I live -Meeting alone in an isolated space away from other people -To a space that he knows and controls -To have drinks that I will not be preparing and may not know the contents of -In an area of town that may not be easy for me to leave Text: What is the likelihood that something bad will happen? Text: -Having a creepy guy creep on me without easy options for me to end the date early…