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Written by Quinn Marcus Directed by Drew Van Steenbergen Starring Quinn Marcus, Emily Skeggs An unromantic comedy.

Some people on social media claim they saw them kissing, but there’s no confirmation or photos to prove it.

has reported that he is now dating singer and You Tube star, Madison Beer.

I move to New York with everything I own stuffed inside four large trash bags.

Left behind in Boston is a mattress, a nightstand, a small bookshelf, and an entire life. A friend of a friend of a friend has a sister subletting her studio in Murray Hill for $1100 a month. Meet your person with your bike anywhere in Brooklyn around 10am, then do this: cycle all the way down Bedford Avenue—through Midwood, where Brooklyn no longer looks like Brooklyn but rather stately suburban America with freestanding homes and yards—wend left along Emmons Avenue and see yet another aberration, a small Italian beach town, and finally cross Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge to enter Riis...

Madison recently made headlines after leaked audio seemed to show the 18-year-old singer being verbally abused by her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky during an argument.

Madison responded to the leak saying the video was ‘real’ and urging women to seek help rather than ‘sit there in silence and stay in an abusive relationship’ and reminding them that they are ‘not alone’.

“While Manhattan is great, it has a bit of a ‘been there, done that’ feel.” Malov isn’t the only one who believes Midtown has lost its charm.

“Manhattan just isn’t as interesting as it used to be,” Time Out New York’s Deputy Editor (and Brooklynite) Carla Sosenko explains.

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After analyzing data from 10,000 of its users in the city’s five boroughs, the mobile dating app Clover recently uncovered that nearly 30 percent of singles in Manhattan desire Brooklynites more than residents of any other borough.

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