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A group of heavily armed attackers ambushed and killed Burundi general Athanase Kararuza while he was dropping his daughter at school, military officials said.

"All such acts of violence serve no purpose other than to worsen the already volatile situation in Burundi," Dujarric said.

"The secretary general urges that a rigorous and prompt investigation of these events is undertaken." Fears of war The general was recently named advisor to Vice President Gaston Sindimwo, also a Tutsi.

Alastair Clarke, a Canadian immigration lawyer based out of Winnipeg, said one of the most common reasons asylum-seekers choose Canada over the U. is because of a "general fear of the Trump administration." "I have heard it on numerous occasions that individuals have chosen Canada because they don't feel that the U. government is supportive of refugees," said Clarke, who has worked on several cases involving Burudi refugees claimants. Henry Chang, a Toronto-based lawyer for Blaney Mc Murtry, who is not involved in the situation, said the one-year visas issued to the students by the U. government mean they would likely fall under the Canada-U. The Canadian government has faced pressure to repeal the agreement, with many arguing it is the reason asylum-seekers have crossed the border on foot, to bypass border points so they could make their refugee claims once already in the country. that Canada is more inclined to grant them refugee status if they come here," Chang said.