Start Dating professionals in new york city

Dating professionals in new york city

However, Bradford said it will be launched in other cities based on wait-list signups.

Bradford said the app has orchestrated some 20,000 matches and led to 19 relationships.

The app currently caters to San Francisco-area singles.

You don’t have to put yourself out there to find someone.

We do it for you, and qualify the person before we make the introduction.

Her amazing ability to deeply understand what a person wants and needs in a relationship coupled with her enviable capacity to network is what makes Lori a natural soul connector.

Finally 2 matchmakers that walk the walk and talk the talk!

The League, which was created by Amanda Bradford, “curates” users based on information from their Linked In and Facebook profiles. Critics have labeled The League as elitist and classist, but Bradford explained to Tech Crunch that the app mirrors places where people often meet their spouses offline, including college and the workplace.