Start Dating the time of origin of major clades

Dating the time of origin of major clades

South Asia has had a much bigger population than any other parts of the world (occasionally equalled by China) for at least 10,000 years, and larger population bring about more genetic diversity.

The exhibits below attest to the fact that this knowledge was known over a hundred years ago.

So either your Teachers and Professors are indeed liars, or they were very poorly educated.

The diversity can be explained by other factors though.

The Balkans have been subject to 5000 years of migrations from the Eurasian Steppes, each bringing new varieties of R1a.

A 2009 study on African genetics located the origin of modern human migration in south-western Africa, near the coastal border of Namibia and Angola.

The site is the homeland of the indigenous San people.

A new frog tree of life shows the three main clades of modern frogs -- 88 percent of living species -- arose simultaneously on the heels of the mass extinction that wiped out non-avian dinosaurs.