Start Dating western w49 bowie knife

Dating western w49 bowie knife

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The wood on the butt of the handle was beveled on early models with small rivits.early sheaths had no rings but only a belt loop and strap. On the catalog page I posted the top knife has small rivets while the bottom knife has larger rivets. This is what I think the order is from early to late: Blade Marked 1). Western knives are hard to date The above chart is not 100% accurate.. There were some that were ordered for 5th special forces during the Vietnam war that are illustrated in Cole's book. the entire knife has been chrome plated for what reason I do not know. The 1986 Western Catalog states that the W49 Bowie was introduced in 1964.

have seen one real early sheath with no strap onlt belt loop. IMHOSometimes they are marked on the guard Sometimes on the tang Sometimes not marked at all I've seen a variety of W49 pins sizes as well The ones you call "chrome plated" are the later models The earlier models are carbon steel The later models are more of a staineless steel composition The W49's are really popular with the "bushcraft" crowd They modify them by cutting down the guard The best way to try and date them, I think, is by the sheath, and or the box I don't think they were issued in Vieatnam War??? I do think that more research into these knives will show that you can tell earlier ones from later models by the markings, handle and pins or rivits that were used. It has the early features on the handle and the sheath has ring. Also in my own search in trying to ID W49's I've seen multiple examples of 4 variations of the guard marked W49's;1 Western, Boulder Colo USA/ Bowie, early handle with small pins2 Western, Boulder Colo USA/ W49, early handle with small pins3 Western, Boulder Colo USA/ W49, late handle with large (IMHO) rivets4 Western, USA/ W49, late handle with large rivets It may turn out that there are other combinations of guard markings and handle types that eventually show up.

Eventually purchased by Camillus in 1991, Western continued until Camillus expired in 2007. How about a thread to collect all the various Western tang stamps over the years? I think this knife is from the Camillus you can see tang stamps as battery died after 1st pic,these knives are similar,but must have been from different years one has carbon blades and a bail the other has stainless,both have western states in an arch over boulder colo,these 2 are the only advertising knives ive ever seen from western bought them both at a lawn sale for a quarter for the pair Crossguard looks like iron; if so, that is largely a WWII trait (the use of brass was controlled as a strategic material).

A shot of the pommel (if it still has it) will help date it a bit better.

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