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While that all seems to be logical, the reality is that it is difficult to find out why a seller loses.

A smart woman might feel attracted to him physically but she'll be able to separate her brain from her loins and think, "Didn't I see this douche-noodle on Tool Academy? I've tried online dating before and have had disastrous results. Are you looking to find someone to marry and produce gobs and gobs of babies? There's nothing wrong with choosing the "just getting laid" option, but you HAVE to be honest with whom you bring to bed.

I remember walking the grassy fields of Auschwitz in the summer of 2002, trying to contemplate just how many millions of people had perished there. To watch a performer act as if each participant is the only person in the room is transcendent. As a husband to my wife, Jennifer, and a father of our amazing kids, I care deeply about family life and ethics.

As an associate pastor pursuing a Master of Divinity, I'm deeply convicted about Biblical literacy and Christian community.

They're not necessarily fact (hard to believe, I know). He/She will discover who you really are eventually. People just tend to get extremely uptight about it and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Here are some simple guidelines to find someone "in your ballpark," which is far more effective than finding someone who is perfect: I can probably add more to that impressive numbered list, but you're a smart guy/gal that may or may not be looking for a man/woman to fulfill his/her and/or your/their life/cookie jar that might/might not figure things out!