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However, it is not known if Hop has a direct role in pi RNA biogenesis and transposon silencing.

Here, we show that knockdown of Hop in the germ-line nurse cells (GLKD) of Drosophila ovaries leads to activation of transposons.

For example, the largest wind farm in the world, Gansu Wind Farm in China has a capacity of over 6,000 MW as of 2012, As a general rule, economic wind generators require windspeed of 4.5 m/s (16 km/h) or greater.

An ideal location would have a near constant flow of non-turbulent wind throughout the year, with a minimum likelihood of sudden powerful bursts of wind.

pi RNAs are 26-30nt germ-line specific small non-coding RNAs that have evolutionarily conserved function in mobile genetic element (transposons) silencing and maintenance of genome integrity.

Drosophila Hsp70/90 Organizing Protein Homolog (Hop), a co-chaperone, interacts with pi RNA binding protein Piwi and mediates silencing of phenotypic variations.

Meteorological wind data alone is usually not sufficient for accurate siting of a large wind power project.

Collection of site specific data for wind speed and direction is crucial to determining site potential Local winds are often monitored for a year or more, and detailed wind maps constructed before wind generators are installed.

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The CMIP5 archive has evolved through and beyond the IPCC 5th Assessment process, with modelling groups eager to contribute their best available data to the research community.