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Dave grohl dating

Grohl was previously married to photographer Jennifer Youngblood.

Cat Power was originally the name of Marshall's first band, but has become her moniker as a solo artist.

Marshall was discovered opening for Liz Phair in 1994 by Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and Tim Foljahn of Two Dollar Guitar, with whom she recorded her first two albums, Dear Sir (1995) and Myra Lee (1996), on the same day in 1994.

Jordyn Blum and her husband David Brohl, the front man of Foo Fighters former drummer of Nirvana, David Brohl have been married for 12 years.

I'll learn to read music, become a session drummer and from that money, I'll put myself back through school." I wanted to have a kickass job downtown, in Washington, D. ' I said I'd like to do something in music.

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And her first reaction was, ' You only want to do that because you know where the drugs are.'"3.