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Get behind the wheel of one of Silicon Valley's latest and greatest inventions: the first electric smart-kart for kids. While the camp will provide helmets, we prefer and encourage you to provide your own if you have one and your child would like to participate.

Plus it was the only camp he did without a friend that he knew, and it was still his best week! (S&K Parent)Each day at camp, we feature at least one of three show stoppers from our lineup for campers to experience.

He loved making movies/trailers, riding the go carts, making his own bagel, and the independence you all gave him. He’ll be back next summer – maybe the whole summer this time! Directors at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of these Specials, so feel free to contact your Director to find out what will be scheduled each day.

There's 3 years left on that dumb thing so they'd officially be going into the tank if they took it. The problem with his shooting percentage is the shot selection, not his ability to convert a decent look.

I love the fact that Phil Jackson tried for years to get him to wave his no trade clause and he basically quit (got fired) because he was tired of trying to move Melo. Love is a better passer, but who is Love guarding on the GSW roster? People have been talking for years that this is such a terrible contract, but are you really telling me that you'd rather have Tim Hardaway Jr for the 35m or so he'll get on the first two years of his deal or Melo for 47m over the next two? Yeah he's a ISO player that doesn't play defense and doesn't care about trying to get coached, but he's still an efficient scorer and would play better with better players.

That said, if he knuckles down and takes getting a title seriously, he could be the piece to take down GSW.

I don't like the low effort defense - especially in transition- and some of the selfish plays from Anthony, never have.

As a shy child with varied interests like soccer, science, and drawing, I was a bit of a social misfit. A place where it was ok to be a goof, where my uniqueness was celebrated, even encouraged.

Do I love that I get to play dodgeball and make friendship bracelets as part of my job, absolutely.

He's a very mellow dog and is great at cheering up campers. Just wanted to say how much my son Silas enjoyed his week at Steve and Kate’s camp this summer.

He did a lot of camps – zoo camp, museum of nature and science camp, invention camp, Avid4Adventure, and PASS camp – and he said Steve and Kate’s was his absolute favorite!

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