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Desiree rogers dating

WASHINGTON -- Desiree Rogers, a former New Orleans Zulu queen and daughter of the late city councilman Roy Glapion Jr., was named incoming White House social secretary on Monday by President-elect Barack Obama.

On that note, it's possible that another feud may be starting soon - Kaepernick is said to be "creeping" on Taylor with model Claudia Nelson, Mstars said.

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However, she was "dropped" by the sports apparel maker late last year after getting in a "trite Twitter altercation with Rihanna over a spoof video of her singing," The Huffington Post revealed.

According to Mstars, the 26-year-old football player is "currently dating hip-hop beauty Teyana Taylor." The entertainment news site also adds that he seems to dig her "bad girl" aura.

Destiny's father, Ric, and family friend Bob Bracewell founded the Newton-Bracewell Chico Funeral Home in 1993.

Ric is a past president for the California Funeral Directors Associate and mom, Colene, is an administrative assistant for the business.

's August "Age Issue" -- a profile on Chicago boutique owner (and unofficial Michelle Obama stylist) Ikram Goldman.

Goldman shares her philosophy on dressing for every decade, using Huff Post Style favorite Desirée Rogers and her daughter Victoria as mannequins.

In April 2011, Colene Newton gave an exclusive to Radar Online about her daughter Destiny's relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In the interview she claimed the couple had been best friends for over nine years; ever since…. Presumably this church camp took place at the Chico Neighborhood Church, which has been Rodger's home church since he was young.

Pastor Andrew Burchett has said that Rodgers has always led by his faith, and that he still spends time volunteering with church youth during the NFL offseason.