Start Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating

Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating

This type of region can be displayed when a certain condition--set in the template--is true or false.

Dreamweaver templates have three types of regions: a is used to control page content that may or may not be displayed.

I am assuming that the template do not know the location of its' dependent files . that I can make the change (s) so that the template knows the new location of the files? If so then read this - Here are five ways to make changes not propagate from Template to child - 1. Move the Templates folder to some other folder level in the site other than root level 3. Corrupt the site cache so that the link between template and child page is broken The latter problem can be repaired by using SITE | Advanced Recreate Site Cache, and the three others can be fixed by just not doing them. -- Murray --- ICQ 71997575 Team Macromedia Volunteer for Dreamweaver MX (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!

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Template regions are enclosed by a teal region box with a tab at the top that displays the region name.