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The oldest preserved continuous sedimentary cover in the platform date to the Vendian about 650 million years ago.

In order to improve the monitoring of seismic activities in the border regions, to extend their ongoing cooperation in the field of seismological data acquisition, exchange and use for seismological and earthquake engineering and civil protection purposes, and to enhance the collaboration between countries and seismological institutions in Central Europe, ZAMG (Austria), OGS (Italy), ARSO (Slovenia), Uni TS (Italy), Uni ZG (Croatia), KRSZO (Hungary), IGEWE (Albania), IPE (Czech Republic), NIGGG (Bulgaria) and NIEP (Romania) established in 2014 the "Central and East European Earthquake Research Network". L., Costa, G., Gallo, A., Gosar, A., Horn, N., Lenhardt, W., Mucciarelli, M., Pesaresi, D., Steiner, R., Suhadolc, P., Tiberi, L., Živčić, M., and Zoppé, G.: The Central and Eastern European Earthquake Research Network - CE3RN, EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria, 27 April – , B584, EGU2014-13911, 2014.

Lenhardt, W., Pesaresi, D., Živčić, M., Costa, G., Kuk, K., Bondár, I., Duni, L., Spacek, P., Dimitrova, L., and Popa, M.: The Central and East European Earthquake Research Network (CE3RN): current status and future perspectives, EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17-22 April 2016, EGU2016-4087,, 2016.

International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Full fedcatalog information for this network Data available from NIEP using FDSN Web Services.

Popa (2014): Central and East European Earthquake Research Network. 10.7914/SN/C3 The irisws-fedcatalog web service provides data discovery and access across multiple data centers.

The East European Platform or Russian Platform is a large and flat area covered by sediments in Eastern Europe spanning from the Ural Mountains to the Tornquist Zone and from the Peri-Caspian Basin to the Barents Sea.

Over geological time the platform area has experienced extension, inversion and compression.

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