Start Eclipse updating maven dependencies sleeping

Eclipse updating maven dependencies sleeping

m2eclipse is maybe not for you then, maybe consider switching to the maven-eclipse-plugin.

This is default repository from which Maven will retrieve dependencies and other artifacts needed during a build.

It actually seems like it will never finish and while it is doing this update, I can't do anything in Eclipse. First check all of your dependencies including plugins and children in the dependency tree, try to replace snapshot versions with release versions, as snapshot versions will always look for a later update, whereas release versions are deemed to be stable and updates are not expected for the same version number.

Secondly, assuming that you are working on a LAN, I would suggest that you install a local maven repository manager such as Nexus, and then redirect your artifact requests by setting Even i was facing updating maven dependencies on eclipse startup and eclipse hangup.

This folder contains any global Maven repositories that are referenced by all Maven projects.

This folder contains the Central Maven repository under the repository identifier of "central".

It is mainly a user convenience, and isn't mandatory.

But why it takes bloody ages while this thread runs with high priority?

What I don't understand is why my Android workspace needs it or why it's hitting the server in the cloud. This step can be disabled through the Eclipse preferences: Window / Preferences / Maven / "Download repository index updates on startup".