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Epg is updating service list please wait

*If you build a XMLTV file over 2mb the plugin will take longer to load (smaller file = quicker load times; so chose wisely when building your xmltv file, you don't need info for channels you don't have nor do you need to list more then a week at a time!

Professional services are defined under the federal law, The Brooks Act, .

Most consulting services that Mo DOT utilizes fall under the federal description of professional services, therefore Mo DOT must follow the federal guidelines outlined in the Brooks Act for soliciting and selecting a consultant.

When projected workloads are high and available Mo DOT staffing resources are limited, the need may arise to solicit for consultant services.

It is only required if the firm is incorporated or registered as a limited liability company.

As long as you don't have any channel rules that overwrite sharing (random, pause) your shows should be within a few minutes of each other.

If you are using "Live TV" Each instance of PTVL has to be configured to use the same xmltv file.

Beta's, nightlies and custom builds are not supported.