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DR’s two recent hits in Britain, The Killing and Borgen, are these programmes’ direct descendants. The atmosphere of fear that pervades The Killing and The Bridge is created by using cinematic techniques such as “wide shots and making it slow like a feature film”, as The Killing’s executive producer Piv Bernth explains. You can’t see their eyes, they might move a shoulder, that’s all you see.

Following his manifesto for a new Swedish cinema, director Widerberg started his career with this realist tale of young woman, Britt, who has two flings, but finds herself with difficult decisions when she finds herself pregnant.

Life is stressful, and there are only so many hours in each day.

The modern-day person moves at a fast pace, and travel needs are greater than ever.

In this visual masterpiece and first Oscar nominated Danish film, young teacher Eva arriving in Greenland, surprising her fiancée in the arms of a woman.