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But whether you call it “Valentine’s Day,” “Galentine’s Day,” “A Scam Invented By Hallmark Day” or “Extremely Hungover After Winter Carnival Day,” it’s coming.

I’m sure Sam is a nice fellow and all, but he should probably skip lunch. Not.” “My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nieces are coming to town for the weekend.

It may not be the most ‘romantic’ of Valentine’s Day plans, but it should be a fun time and a good chance to play some cards.

The new policy, which applies to Harvard College and its graduate school but not its law or medical schools, bans sexual relationships between faculty and undergraduate students in an effort to define appropriate behavior more clearly and adhere to the requirements of Title IX, a federal education law that bars discrimination on the basis of gender.

The previous policy discussed “unequal status relationships,” discouraging professors from having relationships with students who were enrolled in their classes.

“We just wanted to make it more straightforward, and more obviously address that we have a pedagogical responsibility for all undergraduate students at Harvard College, not just the ones in our own classrooms,” said Alison Johnson, a Harvard history professor who led the committee that reviewed the guidelines.

Johnson told Al Jazeera that the committee had wanted to create a more comprehensive statement on sexual harassment-related issues, and emphasized that the policy update was not based on any particular complaint on campus about student-faculty relationships. “I think this is consistent with already existing culture at Harvard,” she said.

By Tarika Narain | 2/12/16 am February 14 is the second most polarizing day of the year (after Mincemeat Day on October 26).

If you’re single, you loathe it with a passion, wear all black and hide in the shadows of your twin bed with your blinds closed.

“Sexual relations between students and faculty members with whom they also have an academic or evaluative relationship are fraught with the potential for exploitation,” the AAUP said in a statement.

Harvard University said on Thursday that it was changing the sexual and gender-based harassment policy for its Faculty of Arts and Sciences to prohibit faculty and undergraduate students from engaging in romantic relationships of any kind (PDF).

All the classes offered in that session follow the same deadline. They can begin and end on any date within the term and can be any length, e.g.., one weekend, 13 weeks, anything in between, etc.