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In that period Dutch merchant ships sailed the world and helped lay the foundations of a great trading country characterized by a vigorous spirit of enterprise.

There are a plethora of STI and HIV-related organizations in the Netherlands, as well, that provide a great variety of education, advocacy and support. For pregnant women, maternity leave is offered for 16 weeks with full 100% wage coverage.

Twelve years on, and we can now see the results of this experiment.

Rather than afford better protection for the women, it has simply increased the market.

The Dutch economy is open and generally internationalist in outlook.

With The Dutch reputation for tolerance was tested in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, when an increase in immigration from non-European Union countries and a populist turn in politics resulted in growing and even xenophobia, marked by two race-related political assassinations, in 20, and the government’s requirement that immigrants pass an expensive ‘‘integration’’ test before they enter the country. If the Netherlands were to lose the protection of its dunes and dikes, the most densely populated part of the country would be inundated (largely by the sea but also in part by the rivers).

OVERVIEW In the Netherlands, you will find an accessible and progressive health care landscape.

Contraception is legal and widely used, although prescription is required for birth control pills.

Additionally, there are many free, confidential and very trustworthy services that work with women, homeless youth and other populations in need.