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IMO the two biggest reasons the Kings have banners in the rafters.

It could poorly accommodate a baseball diamond since it was built for football. Even though it proved the worst venue possible in terms of it's field dimensions, the LA fans voted with their feet. I think the main reason the NFL's (and to a lesser extent soccer and NASCAR) popularity has surged is that it hasn't shot itself in the foot like the other three "majors" have.

Sutter's reply: "We're used to it" Even though they won in 2012, the way the Kings coach basically said "We win a lot" was ****ing awesome. Everyone could put the "fluke" BS away in regards to 2012 and face facts that this was a great team. There are several guys on this team right now that are happy he isn't here anymore, but they are probably going to look back on their careers and say he was the best coach they ever had.

The weekend of July 30-31st 2005 and December 17th 2011.

So how do you make the best impression possible and fan the flames of romance in an era when most of us are more comfortable with a GIF keyboard than a calligrapher’s quill?