Start Gibson les paul custom dating

Gibson les paul custom dating

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      Please note: This is not a COMPREHENSIVE serial number guide as I have left out some of the obscure variations of LSLP's for clarity's sake. Shown in the navigation of this page, the sections of this site that are specific to each period of LSLP will cover the obscure examples excluded from this guide in detail.

      This section is intended to be a quick and dirty guide to ID'ing whether a guitar is a Late Sixties Les Paul (LSLP) using its serial number.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction for checking out serial/details of a potential purchase I'm about to make?

Secondly, primarily for first time users and those needing a "quick and dirty" answer to what there guitar's serial number represents, I have created a "30 Second Guide" to identifying your guitar.

The guide will even link you to the specific portions of this site that relate to your guitar.

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