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Girl2girl dating

The original girl2girl project included an anecdotal survey, focus group, feedback sessions and committee consultation.

The program is still growing with two mentors and a few high-school aged boys. Wednesdays at Stoughton United Methodist Church for activities and discussions that build self-esteem, promote healthy lifestyle choices and create positive relationships for youths.

Scott is now a proud member of the Guy Squad, which started in fall 2016.“He gets all the credit,” Roeven told the Hub.

“I’d been looking for mentors and wanting this program to happen, and finally the mentors came together this year that Guy Squad was able to be launched.”The purpose of Guy Squad is to “encourage the development of strength, confidence, honesty and service by creating a close-knit community where guys can discover and celebrate their true selves.

The research found that in order to engage the target audience with a sexual health promotion message (that they did not believe were particularly relevant to them) the website must be highly engaging, relevant and interesting.