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Don't you understand this is not a joke, I'm committing suicide! The gun goes off, setting a model ship on fire.] Don't ever frighten me like that again. Moira Banning: Your children love you, they want to play with you. Soon Jack might not even want you to come to his games. You two-toned, zebra headed, slime-coated, pimple-farming, paramecium brain, munching-on-your-own-mucus, suffering from PETER PAN ENVY!!! I swear to you wherever you go, wherever you are, I vow there will always be daggers buried in notes signed James Hook. [A young Wendy, is sat up, in her bed, a thin, white, flower patterned, bed quilt, is held in front of her by her left arm, her head is titled to it's left, and she is smiling]Peter Banning: [The window, to Wendy's bedroom, opens, with a gust of wind, as the voiceover continues] I came back many times for Wendy. Wendy has a white ribbon tied in the back of her hair, it cascades down her back] And Wendy kept getting older [followed by another clip of Wendy in her 40's smiling at him, as she looks up and closes her book. [Wendy looks up and closes the book she is reading; Peter starts in horror] I'm old Peter. [Wendy removes her glasses] I grew up a long time ago [Peter, moving to the window, protests with a cry of "No, no, no! "] I have children of my own now, and they have children of their own. [On the word "Moira" she smiles, and she and Peter look over at the sleeping girl.]]Peter Pan: [He sits on the side of Moira's bed, and looks down towards her] No. a real kiss [He leans in, and kisses Moira on the lips. That is the same window and this is the same room where we made up bedtime stories about Peter, Neverland, and scary old Captain Hook.

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Peter must return to Neverland and find his forgotten childhood in order to save his family.

We have a few special years with our children, when they're the ones that want us around. They will be flung into doors of your children's children's children, do you hear me? Wendy is wearing a pair of small, white earings, and a white shirt], and older [a clip of Wendy in her 70's, hair red. Wendy anxiously looks on; Tink flies down to the window and looks in.

Other languages this idiom exists in: We hear from translators that this is an idiom in Swedish, Polish, Latvian and Norwegian.

In English, the phrase is “buying a pig in poke,” but English speakers do also “let the cat out of the bag,” which means to reveal something that’s supposed to be secret.

I'm guessing either way I will need a chain watcher, correct?