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Guestbook dating site

I noticed that Golspie, Brora, Caithness etc had community Web Pages but not Helmsdale, and decided to do something about it.

Maybe he should have used a sports bag, dropped the cat in it, and voila! I'm sure the cat is just fine and hopefully back to its owner We'll have to agree to disagree. Handling an animal in any situation, including when they're distressed, requires care. The cat was just trying to defend itself, but he wasn't getting hurt by being carried off the field.

I get you are obviously a cat-lover, and I like them too, but really if cats can survive 10 story falls, which they have, I'm sure that little feline is just fine.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Helmsdale and that you will come back on a regular basis and perhaps actually pay a visit to our village.