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Identifying tools and developing plans will help you be more prepared and empowered to take action when it comes to your recovery.

Yet most people who attempt suicide are ambivalent about killing themselves - frequently what they seek is to put a stop to unbearable feelings or a situation that seems intolerable.

Indeed, unsolicited “dick pics” have become such a problem on online dating services that one site, Ok Cupid, actually removed the capability to send images.

What would possess someone to send a graphic image of themselves without ever being asked for one, or even thinking to check if it might be appreciated?

When it comes to the internet, it seems common sense to think that the physical distance and anonymity the online world provides allows, even encourages, people to do things they wouldn’t normally do “in real life”.

If you don’t believe your actions hold any consequences for you, then there is no fear of the social ramifications which might normally keep certain behaviours in check.

In fact, research shows that words are the least important part of communication when you have face-to-face conversations with others. If the facial expression expresses one emotion, but if the tone conveys a different one, takes place in the brain, causing the person confusion.[6] The result: trust erodes, suspicion increases, and cooperation decreases. [12] Gestures orchestrate brain networks for language understanding.

So before you utter another word to another person, memorize this list of the 8 key elements of highly effective speech: 1. Researchers at the Universityof Amsterdam found that expressions of anger, contempt, disgust, fear, sadness, and surprise were better communicated through vocal tone than facial expression, whereas the face was more accurate for communicating expressions of joy, pride, and embarrassment.[7] And in business, a warm supportive voice is the sign of transformational leadership, generating more satisfaction, commitment, and cooperation between other members of the team.[8] You can easily train your voice to convey more trust to others, and all you have to do is slow down and drop your pitch.

Someone who is suicidal may well be feeling frightened, trapped, hopeless, helpless, confused and distressed - and desperate to escape from his or her suffering rather than actually wanting to die.