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How europe is accomodating muslims

Policy tends to be driven by public emotion: torn between compassion for people thought to be in a desperate situation and fears that we are taking in too many of the wrong sort of people, with grave implications for national security.

Their family, tribal, ethnic and religious ties are much stronger than the ones you can observe in the modern “nuclear” family of most Europeans.

Or does the implementation of such segregation, however well intended, ultimately undermine the country's hard-earned traditions of gender equality. “During the past several years, we've had several Muslim women come and swim,” says Stockholm resident Carolina Johansson, who has gone to women's-only sessions at a local swimming pool for the past 20 years.

“But gender-separated swimming doesn't feel like a positive development.”The separate swimming hours have cause an enormous debate in Sweden, with many calling the move regressive and a ghettoization of women, while others laud it as a sensible inclusion of the country's increasingly diverse population.

But it’s also wrong to see them as the world’s poorest and most desperate people.