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Hrvatska nude girls

’ It’s where we sizzle in the sun until we get a nice crackling finish, it’s where we sip on a refreshing tipple until all our worries wash away, and it’s definitely a place of a warm soft embrace with the unfathomable – the sea.

He continued shooting people, too, and wound up taking photographs for , a soft-core porn magazine.

If you do, let me give you 10 reasons why you are better off avoiding Croatia best beaches. They have been advertised as the best, disclosed on a map and photographed by professional marketers, travel bloggers and us common folk. A shaded beach doesn’t fit as many eager sun-bathers as a bare stretch of sand or gravel.

Unless you search them out in the off-season (May-June; September-October), your intimate encounter with the sea will turn into a raucous throng. You can’t dot masses of people in between pine trees.

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