Start Invalidating feelings relationship

Invalidating feelings relationship

I've stuck with it for the past 2 years and have lost 50 pounds, started to compete in cycling events, and have completely changed my approach to eating.

So one key to a great marriage is to think of your spouse as having the most amazing admirable qualities. Cute nicknames can be fun at home, but “jug-ears” and “fish-face” take on another meaning when around other people.

Any put-down or show of disrespect to your spouse will come right back at you.

So if you act with respect, that will rub off and be reflected back toward you. ] There are endless ways to communicate respect with speech: P – Public The way you act with each other in front of other people says a lot about the level of respect. When you are out of the house and with others, never criticize or argue with each other; nobody needs to know what the issues are in your marriage.

Some people think it unfathomable that someone could experience severe trauma following the disclosure of a spouses infidelity.