Start Justification for updating clearquest feature level

Justification for updating clearquest feature level

All other patches referenced in this document are obsolete.

Of course you should know your specific needs to realize which solution meets those needs.

At this time, the leading products in our Collaboration Software category are: JIRA’s SMB and enterprise pricing plans depend on the number of users you wish to involve.

Defect corrections fix incorrect behavior, and RFEs implement new behavior.

This technote describes defect corrections and RFEs that might have a noticeable impact on how you interact with Rational Clear Quest.

This release also delivers smart card support for the Clear Case Remote Client (CCRC).

This solidifies Clear Case as the most secure software configuration management (SCM) system in the marketplace.

As a result of these changes, if a mandatory reference field is set to a hidden record, it appears to be unset if the user is not allowed to see the relevant hidden records for the reference field.

To prevent this common issue, values in reference fields are not hidden, and the default reference field choice list includes all possible values, unless the field in question is a security context field.

However, SQL Server 2016 doesn’t just bring a new game, it brings a whole new playing field.

Here are my top 10 most compelling reasons to upgrade to SQL Server 2016: So, there you have it.

Basically, the options you have are to purchase JIRA for a small team (up to 10 users), or to choose some of the available options for growing teams.