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We get to have even more great sex with other people’s ideas, fantasies and role-plays.

Performers interact with the crowd throughout the night as a combination of live music and DJ sets keep your souls moving!! As the assistant to internationally recognized choreographer Ryan Heffington, Denna has been involved with creating some of the most impactful dance moments of the past decade. Heffington, Denna has worked with artists and directors including SIA, Florence and the Machine, Alma Ha’rel, Vincent Haycock, Daniel Askill, Floria Sigismondi, and Martin de Thurah, among others. Heffington has furthered her career and led her to choreograph independently for music artists such as Tove Lo, Tesla Boy, Mishcatt, and more.

Jasmine: Yes, generally the people we see are men and couples.

It’s a private experience where they would come in, and have as much input as they want as far as directing the scene. I would say primarily people are straight, sometimes bisexual or curious.

A court heard Jasmine Hill, of no fixed address, targeted teenagers on Snapchat and Whats App.

As she was sent to prison by the court, it was said the 20-year-old posed a significant risk of serious harm to young boys.

Well, it’s sort of unconventional and it happened over time.

And then you and your husband have sex for the person watching you, right?

Her choreography is known for its strong sense of narrative, leading with emotion, and breaking the norm.