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Brittni Watkins continues to show us her competitive focus and was awarded EAGL Gymnast of the Week for her first sophomore performance.

Greatest Sculptures Ever Works in stone, bronze, wood from 33,000 BCE-present.• Nighthawks (1942) - Edward Hopper • American Gothic (1930) - Grant Wood • Wheatstacks (End of Summer) (1890-1891) - Claude Monet • Water Lilies (1906) - Claude Monet • A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-86) - Seurat • Two Sisters (On the Terrace) (1881) - Pierre-Auguste Renoir • By the Water (1880) Pierre-Auguste Renoir • The Bay of Marseilles, view from L'Estaque (1885) Paul Cezanne • The Basket of Apples (c.1890s) - Paul Cezanne • The Bathers (1900) - Paul Cezanne • Assumption of the Virgin (1577) - El Greco • At the Moulin Rouge (1892-5) - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec • Paris Street, Rainy Day (1877) - Gustave Caillebotte • Bedroom in Arles (1888) - Vincent Van Gogh • Self-Portrait (1887) - Vincent Van Gogh • Why are you angry?

Obviously quilts were not made of left over scraps or worn clothing as a humble bedcovering during this period.

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If you’re in a relationship with an Indian man, there are some serious points you will need to consider if you’re planning a future together.

I have seen many intercultural relationships with foreigners in love with Indians come and go, and some of the biggest issues they came across are listed below.

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