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Now maybe they're just coming in because the weather is getting colder, but it does seem they make their little sluggy way in at the same time every evening, and they do seem to make their slugbutty way to the same spot.

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(If you’ve made poor texting decisions because of “Self Control,” please know that you’re not alone.) The 50 songs written about here all have at least one fierce champion on our staff; most have more than one.

So, pondering this, last night instead of tossing them out I plonked the very smallest piece of cat food (cod in jelly) down for them (the slugs) and went to bed (upstairs). Or am I spending a bit too much time thinking about slugs?

This morning it is gone and from all the silver trails it seems they went for it like crack starved junkies.

I have a very large-for the city- back garden, and mostly it is filled with a raggedy lawn, mature bushes and hedges, a huge black berry bush, and very few actual flowers.

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